Only ACTION produces RESULTS !
but the wrong actions produce the wrong results, only the effective actions produce the effective results !

Don't waste more TIME and MONEY trying to guess yourself what to do !

abcgolfcoach will provide you with the effective proven ACTIVITIES that each low handicap golfers and Playing pro managed to understand and MASTER.

It took 20 years of observations and 10 years of testing to come up with the 36 RED DIMPLE TIPS!

abcgolfcoach.com will help you identify which good Activities and which good Beliefs really work for YOU and which one doesn't, using the personalized Control-Cards while you play Golf as usual.

We call them the RED TIP  = the right ACTIVITY and the right BELIEF that makes a real difference FOR YOU.

Partnering with abcgolfcoach will boost your progress, and you will lower your score faster and easily and it will last.

Discover the magic 36 RED TIPS and together will identify the ones you need !

9 are SWING related,

9 are about PUTTING,

9 are Course Management strategy secrets,

9 involve your Mind and Body Emotional Belief system.

(9+9+9+9 = 36)

You only have to fish within our 36 RED TIPS to discover which 9 ones will work for YOU !

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